Saturday, 28 April 2012

YeSss...i'M a FaNatIc SuPpOtEr fOr OuR MaLaYsIaN FoOtBaLL TeAm...=)

Assalamualaikum everyone. Who is the supporter for our Malaysian football team??? I'm sure there are a lot of people outside there support our Malaysian team right? If we not support them, who else going to support them. Hmmm...even sometimes their performance quiet dissapointed...but then they wake up what! Its normal that sometimes we could not give our best. Up and down~it's normal. Malaysian football team can go far but they have to be trained as international players have been trained. Or they should have more international friendly match. So that they can adapt with the situation. It's just my opinion. I do not want to know their personal matter, I just do care about their performance because they play for Malaysia! So...fight!!! 

~Malaysian warriors~

aidil zafuan - defense

amar rohidan - midfield/defense

amirulhadi zainal - midfield

khairul fahmi che mat a.k.a apek - goalkeeper

asrarudin putra omar - defense


baddrol bakhtiar - striker/midfield

fadhli shas - defense

fandi othman - midfield

k. grurusamy - midfield

irfan fazail - midfield/striker

izzaq faris ramlan - striker

wan zaharulnizam a.k.a kechek - midfield

norshahrul idlan talaha a.k.a. mat yo - striker

muslim ahmad - defense

safee sali - striker

safiq rahim - midfield

shahrul azwari - midfield/striker

wan nazmi fais - midfield

wan zack haikal - striker

zaquan adha - sriker

malaysian supporters the best!!!

after having a long journey, they managed to achieve the championship title. so sweet~
AFC Suzuki Cup 

*Hope our Malaysian football team will have a great future in this arena, tingkatkan prestasi kurangkan kontroversi*

^___^ forgot something....go Barcelona!!! Chaiyokk Messi ^_______^

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