Tuesday, 1 May 2012

I'm the second one!

Assalamualaikum. Today, nothing special to share with you, just want to post my background precisely. Not much from me, only this...=) 

NaMe   NuRuL HaJaR BiNtI YuSoFf

AgE   TwEnTy TwO YeArS oLd

D.o.B   SeCoNd JaNuArY NiNeTeEn NiNeTy

P.o.B   KuAnTaN, PaHaNg, MaLaYsIa   

GeNdEr   FeMaLe 


RaCe   MaLaY
NaTiOnAlItY   mAlAySiA

NuMbEr Of SiBlInGs   FoUr

My TuRn??   ThE sEcOnD oNe lAa  

FaThEr'S NaMe   YuSoFf BiN mOhAmAd 

MoThEr'S NaMe   NoRhA BiNtI mOhAmAd

AdDrEsS   No 22, LoRoNg GaLiNg 74, TaMaN SrI LaGeNdA, 25oOo KuAnTaN, PaHaNg 

CuRrEnT EdUcAtIoN   NoRtHeRn UnIvErSiTy oF MaLaYsIa

MaTrIc NuMbEr   2o6378 

SeMeStEr   FoUr 

PrOgRaM   BaChElOr iN BuSiNeSs AdMiNiStRaTiOn WiTh HoNoUrS 

PrOgRaM   PeRiOd ThReE yEaRs

Co-CuRriCuLaR AcTiViTy   ReSeRvE OfFiCeR TrAiNiNg UnIt (ROTU) ArMy - PALAPES 

StAy aT   8a 3o9 BsN sTuDeNt ReSiDeNtIaL HalL, UuM 

BlOoD TyPe   O

LaTeSt PmK   ThReE PoInT fIvE eIgHt 

AwArDs   DeAn'S AwArD ( TwIcE) 

MoSt eNjOyAbLe ClAsS   sTiD 11o3 cOmPuTeR ApPlIcAtIoNs  iN mAnAgEmEnT (sErIuSlY)  

i Am.........
NaSyId LoVeR

fAnAtIc mAlAySiAn SuPpOtEr

BuSy StUdEnT

lOvE iN doInG VoLuNtArY WoRk 

OnE oF ThE pArTiCiPaNtS fOr CoMmUnItY sErViCe At JeLi, KeLaNtAn
sInGlE bUt NoT aLoNe As My FaMiLy AnD My fRiEnDs ArE aLwAyS wItH mE

TrYiNg To bE tHe bEsT 'kHaLiFa' iN tHiS wOrLd As My 'BeKaLaN' ToWaRd ThE OtHeR 'wOrLd'.