Friday, 27 April 2012

It's all about me...

Assalamualaikum. How are you guys....I wish all of you always have a great day! Okey, today I'm gonna to share about myself to you. Name given is Nurul Hajar Binti Yusoff. I was born in Kuantan, Pahang on 2nd January 1990. I am 22 years old now. Still available. Hahah. My i/c no need la ye...=) My permanent address is no.22, lorong Galing 74, Taman Sri Lagenda, 25000 Kuantan, Pahang. But now i'm study at Northern University of Malaysia known as Universiti Utara Malaysia Sintok, Kedah. My hobby are reading books, novel, magazines or newspaper while listening to music. I love to do that. Nasyid song please! Hehehe. I want to be a dedicated policewoman. Only Allah knows whether I can achieve it or not. I just keep trying...=)

When I was 6 years old, I was study at Tabika Perpaduan Air Putih at Kuantan. I have been there for a year. My first school~a lot of memories keep in my mind. It was the place where I got my first friends, my first teachers, my first studies and many more. I'm wondering where were my friends on that time. Maybe Oxford, Nottingham, Seoul, Beijing??? We don't know. Heheeh.

Then it comes to my primary school at Sekolah Kebangsaan Galing, Kuantan. I was here for 6 years from 1997 to 2002 (standard 1-6). In this school, I was a library prefect from standard 3 to standard 6. I am very happy that time because when it comes to my turn of duty, I will go out early for recess time. Hahaha, then go to the library to do my duty. It is not that difficult to handle the student in the library because I'm quite strict. They fear of me. Well...hahahaha. But, I'm still be nice to them. Then I left that school with the result for UPSR-3A2B to proceed my study in the secondary school.

My secondary school named Sekolah Menegah Kebangsaan Tengku Afzan, Kuantan. I was there for 5 years from 2003 to 2007 (form 1-5). I love this school very much as I got a lot of memories here. When I was Form 1, I was a prefect trainee then only when I was Form two, I was officially become a school prefect! I was having a good day in this school as my friends are very supportive and they also very smart. I got 3A 5B for my PMR...quite dissappointed because all of my friends scored 6A above. But then I'm still thankful to Allah. It is our own luck. When comes to Form 4, I was take a science stream but without Biology subject. I was replace it with Principle of Accounting. Still I take Chemistry, Physics, Additional Mathematics and English Science Technology(EST). For SPM, I managed to got 6A but with 1B 1C and 2D. Smile...=) I have try my best as I struggle enough for this examination. I also appointed as a treasurer for our school prefect body. I liked to walk around the school when it comes my turn to duty. For almost the time I duty, I will caught some student that breach the school discipline such as skip class, smoking, hang out in the toilet and many more. So, what have I do? I know them very well, if they do not want to follow me to see discipline teacher on the spot, I will report it direct to the Principal. Normally they will follow me because our Principal on that time really fierce oww...! But I'm not that strict or bad. Sometimes, I'm trying to be part of theirselves. I will chatting with them, I will advice them, I make a joke with them and I'm trying my best to be their friends.   What I get back was very nice. They more respect me. If they have any problems with other prefect, they will complaint to me as they more comfortable to me. That's was something that I have learnt from them. We have to respect others in order to others respect us. Even they are the students that always create many problems, but still they have feelings, dignity! School that full with memories...=)

this is the picture when I was in Form 5...=)

Then, I was further my study at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Alor Akar, Kuantan. I was doing my Form 6 in arts stream. I'm took General knowledge, Business study, Economics and Accounting. So do MUET that I got band 3. No wonder my english is broken! ahhaahaah. For the first time I was turn up as a normal student without any position in school. Only as an assistant monitor for my class. Hmmm..still got duty to do. What to do...they love me I guess. Haahahaha. For the first time also I stayed at hostel in this school because I can give more attention and focus to my study. I can go back late to do extra class with my teachers~I do not want burden my mother to fetch me back home. She got a lot of works to do. So, it is better for me to stay at hostel..=) When I stayed at hostel, for sure it will brings me a lot of memories too. nice school time! Then, I got 3.08 for my STPM. I was really happy because it was the first time I got 3 above. My trial I only got 2.87. relieve!

my geng in Form 6...hahaha...luv u all

police cadet...roger n out!

While waiting for UPU result, I was working at Tenten Superstore as a cashier near my home. About 6 months I was there until UUM ''called'' me to futher my study there. So excited! And now, here is I am now. Universiti Utara Malaysia, so far that give a lot of knowledge-duniawi ukhrawi. I am doing degree in Business Administration. Three years and so far my PMK is stable. Alhamdulillah. I got a dean's award for the first semester and third semester. In the first semester I was stay at dpp TM with my roomate Siti Nurfarahain Salime. My matric number is 206378 and her matric number is 206377. My neighbour in the examination. Hhahaha. Then, I was accepted to join PALAPES( Pasukan Latihan Pegawai Simpanan) or ROTU(Reserve Officer Training Unit) in army service. Because of that, I got to move to dpp BSN formerly known as PERWAJA because all of the PALAPES will stay together at one dpp. So, starting semester two until now, I am the resident of dpp BSN. I really enjoy university life-campus life. A lot of things I have learnt here. I've learn to be more independent, to try something new, to be more self-confident, brave,friendly...and many more. I just love it. I hope I can give back to my community what I got here and become a useful person and good daughter to my family.

orientation week...semester 1...=)

latest picture of me...=)

the seven of us...friends forever~

with friends from palapes~annual camp intermediate Jan 2012

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