Friday 27 April 2012

A gift from Sabah

We have been together for almost two years. Siti Nasihah Zakaria, Nohasyida Safie, Siti Nurfarahain Salime, Siti Nazliani Md Nor, Zamzurina Azri, Norfarah Dalila Shafie and me, Nurul Hajar Yusoff. We have a lot of memories that defined the meaning of friendship. When we were in the semester one, we do not know each other. We just say hi and we are not close as we are now. Then, it comes to the end of the first semester. We are just want to build a strong relationship between us on that time, but I have to move from our dpp, TM. It was because I was accepted to join ROTU (Reserve Officer Training Unit). So, I have to stay at dpp BSN formerly known as dpp PERWAJA. So sad. But then it is not a problem! We have take almost the same class together in the next semester. That is how we maintain our friendship until now. Morever, dpp BSN is not that far  from dpp TM lor~just in front only...=). Semester by semester we have face...until the fourth semester come to us. Emmm...sad to say, only five of us survive in UUM. Where are the other two? Haahhah..don't be panic yet. The other two are Siti Nasihah Zakaria and Nohasyida Safie-they study at UMS due to the exchange program under COB. They will be there for this whole semester. For sure we will going to miss them in every moment! They have create a video-special for our birthday girl. That is Siti Nurfarahain Salime. That was a special gift from Sabah....heheh=). But I cannot put here yet, I will but not yet. Later I will put the video ya! The video is about us. Very touching lor~

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